Silence Screams II

August 21, 2007

So does love really suffer because of silence in between? Or, does it attain a new meaning due to its presence?

It’s said if silence between two friends is uncomforting then probably the friendship is not deep enough. Implying that good friends can handle absence of words and respect the feelings. Sometimes words spoil the chastity of moments. Sometimes things look better when they are understood without words giving them an expression.

I remember the wordless moments I experienced with him. There wasn’t any need find an expression through spoken word. Eyes did the job well….and they spoke for a long time. It was a crazy language…..perhaps the language of love.

It’s funny how silence changes its meaning. And, it is not to be blamed. It’s time that changes the perspective. The silence that was once comforting and had elements of romanticism is no longer the same. It does not come in because eyes get into action. Rather, it comes when both of us are constantly trying to fix them elsewhere.

Words don’t have place in between us even today but they there absence was never so disturbing………….. 

One Response to “Silence Screams II”

  1. Beautiful piece of words of silence that simply poured forth from you.

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