Silence screams…

June 5, 2007

Love: “Your presence is debilitating now. Your replaced Mr. Words so beautifully once. There was no space for him. You aren’t sweet anymore…you scream…I fear that might drive me away…”

Silence: “Time. It’s him. Not me. I am just the same….He has changed–moments, perceptions…and altered my existence.”

Silence screams…times makes it do so. Who suffers? Love?

To be continued….

4 Responses to “Silence screams…”

  1. harsha said

    a bit intriguing, dint understand it though. may be I shud wait for the continuation.
    BTW, the songspot thing is blockin most of the post, u gotta drag it to somewhere else.

  2. Neo said

    I think I have an idea where this is going…first visit…liked it…u have been blog rolled!

  3. Angel said

    Believe it or not Neo I had thought you’d understand this! I have been reading your blog from sometime….:)

  4. Rajaa said

    wow… beautiful… i simply loved it 🙂

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