Think Positive, Be Positive, Do Positive

May 11, 2007

Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”: Swedish proverb

I have a very serious problem. I can’t stand people who take pessimistic view of things. Troubles/problems/issues –whatever name you the, they hit everyone. To think of tit, most of the matters aren’t troubles as such. It is just the perception that makes it look so. In fact, there is no good or bad in this world. It’s only your state of mind that defines it so.

What is the first thought that comes in your mind when you open your eyes to a new day? What makes you get out of the comfortable bed to face the world yet again? Think of it.

It’s not just your way of life….somewhere it is the HOPE that asks you to leave your world of dreams and meet life. Hope to materialize those dreams. Hope to see a good day. Hope to move on in life. Hope to progress. Hope to live. To live a good life.

You wouldn’t agree with me if you belong to the category that gets on my nerves. Then you must be getting up with a thought that shudders you. Thought of how cruel this life is and how ugly the world is. How people are just waiting for the opportunity to criticise you and bog you down.

But do you know people don’t really have time to think about you. They are busy fighting bigger battles of their own. They might want to bring you down sometime. But hey, that means you are above them. Pessimism and negative thoughts would surely not help you stay there!

Shun them.

Don’t forget faces of those please. They’ll be your biggest motivators. Take each hurdle as a base of you moving further.

Approach each with positivity. Good will come to you, for sure.

I know I am sounding like Deepak Chopra. But I say all this on the basis of my personal experiences. It isn’t hard to stay optimist. It isn’t hard to see every dawn as a beautiful beginning. It is easy to believe that Life is Beautiful!

8 Responses to “Think Positive, Be Positive, Do Positive”

  1. Priyanka said

    my first visit to ur blog has left me craving for more of ur writing…..very well-put thoughts….:D

  2. Shruti said

    Hi Angel,
    Thats very true..people are so comfortable in thier problems and the way they think that if they get the chance to think differently, they wont…
    As you siad, people are not here to listen other’s problem, they are engrossed with thier own problem and meet with others just to feel relaxed and share some good moments and when that person is pessimitic and always talks about problems and all, the person will keep maintaining distance from him as it will give him more stress..
    So its better to be happy and keep smiling always..and good and bad times are the part of life, they come adn go but if we ahev positive attitude we can win the life definetly..
    Take care..

  3. Rajeev said

    Hey Thanx for the comment upon my blog!!
    I donno where u came across my blog but im surely happy to have found yours!!
    I see all positivity in ur blog!!
    Im ashamed to say this but I too am among the category of those people who hate their life to the core, But I am trying to be positive, Learning Rather!!
    I hope ur later posts will be even better and help me change my attitude 😀
    btw i’ve linked ur blog. i hope u dont have any problems!!

    peace & love

  4. Hii ..First time at ur blogspace..

    Have to agree with u that we should take life as a challenge …But does it always work ? FOr me it doesn’t ..when nothing goes ur way its tough to stand up and smile ..

    And as to what I think first thing in the morning … Cant I sleep for 10 mins more ? 🙂

    Nice post …

  5. Krutika said

    Being positive and optimistic is a personal choice and needs to sustain those pessimism,’glass-is-half-filled’ like thoughts..
    you dont sound like deepak chopra but someone who is determined to be positive and spread sunshine:) keep blogging
    i would like to be frinds with you:) could drop in a word at my blog or write me mail..i am from india,mumbai..currently studying and working for
    take care,keep in touch;)

  6. Angel said

    @ Krutika

    thanks for your encouraging words girl 🙂

  7. ashh said

    hai angel…!

    its true that it means heck when we see ppl who are pessimists….they not only down them but also the surrounding ones….i’m a bit late commenting on this….just ppeped by to look…

    nice blog dear….take care….happy day…

  8. Great post and I completely agree 100% with your post. It’s always nice to be optimist in life and positive no matter what. Just relax and lead a beautiful life with his grace and a big thank you at every moment.

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