Hello world!

I have no reasons in particular to make this my first post. But since I have thought that this blog is going to be a collection of ramblings, so here goes:

Before I agreed to be a part of this ‘occasion’, I had thought I would write about it under the head “Most Interesting Event”….God perhaps has some far better events and occasions to write there. Anyway, here is the anticipated interesting event that turned out to be interesting albeit for other reasons.

Generally speaking, as soon as a girl, in an Indian family, gets a job with a satisfactory pay package her parents start inquiring about the eligible bachelors around. My parents are no exception to this. No, thankfully not for me but for my elder sister right now. The process of groom hunting started few months back when she happily announced her appraisal. Poor girl did not know what was to come next.

fixed marriages

To cut the long story short, my parents fixed up a meeting with family of a boy they thought would be a good match for their daughter. After exchanging several dialogues with the family, it was decided they would come to our place on a date their “family pundit” thought was auspicious! I chose not to react.

All my efforts of being absent from the scene went in vain especially after I saw my sister’s face. I decided to stay there. The expression was much like a bird caught in a cage. But after I noticed it more closely, it seemed like a convict guilty of getting the appraisal.



Thought bubble: Judge papa sending her to jail via an institution (Marriage is an institution, they say). No lawyer to rescue my sister. Case shut.
However, this day had to come anyway. And it came. We welcomed them as though they were important members of parliament. I had never been in a situation more uncomfortable than this one. I lost whatever little zeal I had, after I saw the person.


Thought bubble: My sister and the guy standing together as a couple. Bubble exploded.

I thought it was only in movies that the girl brought tea into the room. I looked around if there were cameras and director around. It was, however, a Bollywood movie without cameras. Yes, a crappy Hindi movie that nobody watches. But, I had to watch it.

Thought bubble: Would I see my sister singing and walking and telling how good she is???

The only good thing about this good-for-nothing-occasion was my sister. Nervousness on her face made her look gorgeous. I just could not take my eyes off her. And somebody else just couldn’t stop staring at her. No, the guy was way too nervous himself (and he did not look gorgeous). It was his mother, who was looking at my sister like multinationals eye Indian market.

Thought bubble: Would aunty appearing to be Nirupama Rao turn Lalita Pawar after marriage? Marriage???

lalita pawar

Bubble exploded again.


While I was busy repairing the thought bubble people in the room were laughing. Was the bubble visible? I tried to catch up with the joke but failed to understand it. As if I made an effort of understanding it. I laughed anyway. Next, ‘ladka-ladki’ were sent to a different room.


Thought bubble: The guy interviewing my sister. My sister yelling and saying, “I am anHR person not you.” The guy getting scared and running away. Huh, just a thought!


On the other hand, perhaps it wasn’t just a thought! My sister refuses to reveal the truth but I guess something similar might have happened. After 30 minutes of conversation, my sister came out with a sense of pride. Seemed she had won the battle. The guy’s expression? Mmmm…remember Saurav Ganguly’s face after the Chappell episode?

Thankfully, this story had an end here… Good Luck sis for the next drama